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This book releases on 3/7/2024. Ebooks will be sent out the day of release.

In trying to get her bag, Kareema’s ambitions landed her in hot water and on the road to lose the little she had. Fearing lawsuits, she sought the help of Octavius Jones of Jones & Associates to help her clean up her mess affordably. However, Octavius wasn’t who Kareema thought he was. Making her an offer she couldn’t refuse, Octavius changed Kareema’s life in the matter of hours. Kareema went from being in over her head with her business to being in over her head as Octavius’ instant girlfriend.

Octavius Jones is the heir to the city’s controlling drug operation. He sees the city as his kingdom and rules it with an iron fist. When he received the call from Kareema about her business troubles, he saw an opportunity to build something that eluded him for years: a queen and heirs.

Will Kareema be able to handle Octavius’ controlling ways? Will she be able to keep her head when she gets caught in the middle with Octavius’s greatest rival?

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