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Intoxic Signed Paperback

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Titan has it all. Fame. Money. Family. Drugs. Women. Greed.

He's been in a poly relationship with Sasha and Jackie since the three of them were in high school. It's the only serious relationship he's ever had...except for the one he currently has with Willow, a married woman who has his child. Titan's top priority is to bring his two families together. That becomes troublesome when his secrets come to light.

Sasha is all about her family. Making sure everyone is happy is all she cares about, so much so that she doesn't see things for what they really are the way Jackie does. With Jackie at risk of going to prison and Titan's actions crumbling what was once Sasha's world, will she come out standing or lose herself in the chaos?

Jackie is strong and independent. She loves hard and will do whatever it takes to protect her family. This includes executing her own brand of justice on those who do her loved ones wrong. What happens when the one doing the wrong is a loved one? Can she let it go or will it push her to go too far?